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For the ladies, and selective gentlemen 😉

1) Face Moisturizer!.

Now apart from sun screen, this is a must people!A lot of women and men don’t see the significance of using these kinds of products, some people even use things like Keri lotion or Jergens on their face ( gasp) You need moisturizer specifically for the face, and make sure its for your skin type as well. If you are prone to breakouts, look for one that says – non comedogenic ( which means it won’t block your pores ) Now you may think, because you are “young” that its not necessary to use sunscreen or face creams at your age, but believe me, You will wish you did ten years later 😉 Start young!

2) Face Primer.

Face primer is great, with or without foundation. It can fill in fine lines and give your appearance a smooth, virtually pore-less appearance. It is key for a flawless and long wearing foundation application. It doesn’t have to be high end, you can also get face primer at your local drugstore ( Like Hard candy and Revlon, etc )

3) Foundation.

When choosing a foundation, if you can’t get a professional to match you, a good trick is to swatch it on the inside of your wrist, where the coloring is closest to your facial coloring. Of course your face color will change, seasonally, so you can get two different shades or just get a bronzer for summer to add on  top your base foundation. Look for a foundation that has little to no, Titanium Dioxide, and if it does make sure it’s further down on the ingredients list. Titanium Dioxide is what causes that “white glowing mask” on your face when pictures are taken, so for day to day, foundations with it are fine but for being photographed…noooooot so much! Heh.

4) Eye Primer.

Same shadow, you can see the difference between the swatch over the primer

  Eye primer, like face primer, makes application smoother, makes blending easier &adds to staying the staying power of your make up. It makes the color “pop”and stops it from “creasing”. Trust me, if you love your eye shadow, you NEED primer.

5)Lip Balm.

-Because nobody likes crusty lips! lol.