So, first post in what I’m going to call.. Let’s be Frank Fridays.

Today, the Friday of the first week of January is a beautiful day. I had the windows open to let some air in. I had sat outside with no coat on last night, looking for the moon. (Hidden behind the clouds) It’s lovely. It’s 9 degrees Celsius [48 degrees Fahrenheit]  at 9:30 pm. Which is great and all..but there’s something a little off here. I live in Southern Canada!

Mind you, I am not complaining! I’m loving it.

It’s just not…normal.

It’s not just me, some people I know in the U.S are experiencing it too.

Again, not complaining but I wonder what the consequences will be. For the wildlife, nature, farmers. I know ice wine makers are not happy. The birds seem to be really confused. I’ve sat outside and watch the Canadian Geese practically fly in a large circle, like they didn’t know where to go.

Now, I can be a happy little sheeple and pretend it’s “normal“. Ignore the sun and moon being out of place, or the different (but awesome) weather. The uptick of earthquakes, volcanic activity, mass fish surfacing dead and birds falling out the sky and go jump in line for an over priced pair of shoes…

BUT I prefer to stay watchful.

Either winter is going to hit us hard the next few months, or earth is truly out of wack.