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Today, was awful. My dog somehow got out of the yard and went missing. We searched all around for hours today. My son, in tears asked if he was ever going to see her again, and that he loves her.
He asked “If I pray will we get her back?”, I thought about it and said
Isn’t that what faith is? Even if something seems unlikely and impossible you have faith; that through GOD all things are possible?

So, we looked and looked. I called the kennels and such, leaving messages. Started making posters, posted asking people on facebook to share her picture..went back out and kept looking.

Got home, checked the answering machine and got a message saying my dog was found and I can pick her up tomorrow!

The thoughts that went through my head,thinking about not having her with me anymore….
She is always by my side during the day, my feet when I sit and on my bed when I sleep.
Thank GOD for a happy ending!