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As I sat, in the stands of an amusement park. Hundreds of people gathered to watch the show being put on. All ages, shapes and sizes, ethnicities.. all gathered for the same reason. All awaiting this soon to be shared experience, happily. –

I couldn’t help but have the old gears in my mind turn, looking around at this large mass of people, that have no connection other than the one thing that connects us all – life.

This experience. This journey. This miracle; that is our very existence.

Yet, we are all so distant, so self serving and so self absorbed. Even in a crowd of people, that are seemingly happy, you can feel so disconnected and alone.

Imagine, if all these people, realized how precious their lives really were. Realized that the stranger next to them is just as precious, just as rare, just like them.

What if everyone recognized that we are all looking for the same things, all in need of the same things and all on the same quest.

Would we then, smile more and engage with each other? Would a stranger bumping into you then be met with an understanding smile, rather than a dirty look?

If they all realized and understood that they all are going to the same place, would they hold hands, comforting each other; as they walked forward towards it?

I wonder why we are taught to not embrace others. Why, even as a child we are poured into with different programming to dislike, segregate, label and separate “us” from “them”?

How much more beautiful could this human experience be if we practiced love, first?

I know, I think too much, but it is a shame.

We are all on a roller coaster that nobody lined up for, and we all are getting off at the same place. Why don’t we all enjoy the ride together.


– Always ❤