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You ever suddenly realize that at some point, you boarded the crazy train without even knowing it and now you’re desperately looking for a stop to get off..that’s not too far from sanity?
Yeah, that.
Okay, everybody and I mean everybody; Has some kind of dysfunction. I’m afraid all you that want to disagree need to take a seat.
Sometimes our dysfunctions attract others to us and sometimes we are attracted to the dysfunction of someone else.
Some of us are fixers, that need to be needed. They don’t know what to do with themselves if they aren’t taking care or completely fixated on the “project” of fixing a person or their life. This can be a good quality, yet, these types seem to lose themselves trying to become what that “project” needs and should this “project” move on from them, they will be lost.
Others need to be taken care of. Stemming from some sort of dysfunction in not feeling fully able to handle aspects of life themselves, they look for “mother”, “father” type figures, in friendships and relationships. Thus, when this type meets a fix it type, a codependency begins that is rather unhealthy for both. The fixer devotes more time into the needy one, putting his or her life on the back burner, losing opportunities, friendships, advances in life. The needy one; now being taken care of..let me add, now being taken care of AGAIN, because I guarantee this person was in the same kind of relationship prior to being in one with the current fixer …is not learning how to become independent, not learning valuable life skills, not growing, and not learning accountability and responsibility.
That’s a vicious cycle that can only break IF someone wakes up!

Then, there’s the good old crabs in a bucket.
The crabs that are stuck in a pot of chaos, that pulls in anyone trying to get out.
You cannot better yourself, move up or move on if you keep surrounding yourself with people that won’t allow you to grow, move on, better yourself or break away from things you really should not be around.

In the same way that you don’t go to get an illness diagnosed by a sick patient, DO NOT accept advice from people who are not shining examples of success, growth or a positive image of whatever goal, achievement, want or desire it is that you are trying to reach.
You are allowing yourself to be sabotaged. Stop fooling yourself!
Find mentors that are positive, leaders, shining examples of goodness, growth, love, inspiration, success, prosperity.
Dissociate with people who are stuck living in negativity, stagnation, drama and chaos.
You can still love them, still be friends but not indulge in the tainted kool-aid.
You have to break the cycle that you are stuck in.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.
Break the cycle and escape into a life you will love living.