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You can’t count on someone deciding to act like a decent human being.

Cut your losses and move on.

This is what I’ve been telling myself lately. Does it sound jaded, maybe it is. Maybe these past few years my hope in the decency of my fellow human beings has been tainted. My expectation, (that maybe I should never have expected) of people having empathy, sympathy, and not doing to others that which they would not do themselves was painfully given a reality check.

Instead I’ve learned that society today is cut throat, selfish, spiteful and willing to do anything to get ahead, with no apologies and no remorse for damage they cause and people they hurt.

I actually, expected people to actually come around and feel convicted for things they had done to me. To feel bad and stand up for me to correct lies that had been told, stop attacks against me that they had fueled, knowing that it was wrong.

Yet, instead I watched these people stand by and actually flame the fire. Making accusations against me that they knew were not true.
Bearing false witness.

What’s even more insane is the extent people will go to try to break or destroy someone else.

It’s crazy to me, that people will believe something negative and a lie, before even asking for the truth. They will just swallow a lie and spit it out to others.

Never once, has anyone asked me the truth. I think it’s because some people, thrive on gossip and some people just want to not like you.

I’ve been put through more than that which would break the average person. All the while, dealing with special needs children and suffering from bouts of serious health issues and I continue to deal with harassment, defamation and stalking.

I can’t say I’ve let it change the person I am, other than the fact that I’ve grown a thicker skin and no longer feel the need for approval or the need to be liked.

It’s sad that I’ve come to realize that not everyone is like me, or has the heart I have. Not everyone has decency, respect and tact and I’ve come to understand that some people may never do “the right thing”. Some, when they have the power to stop something that is not right, and they just stand by, watch it continue to happen and want to “offer” a hollow apology but never actually set the record straight.

There’s nothing you can do about it. I learned a long time ago, that you can’t make someone care…about anyone or anything.

You can’t expect to be appreciated for the good you do for them or in general. You can’t expect to get what you give or love how you love.

It’s a hard pill to swallow but it’s also freedom.

We waste so much emotion and time on caring about these things. It can keep you a prisoner in a sad, depressed state.  How many people have been bullied into depression and suicide? How many people have let themselves be the victim all their life and not the conqueror that they truly are?

It’s a trick, it’s a lie and it does not define who you are.You shouldn’t stop being who you are, having the heart you do, giving and helping just because of the world around you.

Be you, beautifully. Be you, lovingly. Be you, exuberantly!

Love yourself as much as you love others. Treat yourself kindly. Smile at a passing stranger, hold the door open for people, exhibit love and kindness to people because we absolutely need positive examples in this world.

If people don’t return the kindness, don’t let it ruin yours. If people don’t see you as you are, then walk the other way, you don’t need them to. Be around those people who do appreciate you. Stay where you are loved, do what makes you happy. Help change the world, don’t let the world change you.

Like Gandhi had said; ” Be the change you want to see”.

There will always been evil, like there will always be darkness but close your eyes to the darkness and live in the light!