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Who told you that you weren’t beautiful?

Who told you that you can’t like and love yourself, as you are, right NOW?

Who told you that there was a magic number that made you attractive?

Who told you that you had to act a certain way or try to be something, other than what you are, to be liked?

Who told you that you aren’t good enough?

Life is too short, ladies.

I see and hear so many women saying.. if I could just lose this weight I’d be happy.

I need to lose this weight before I buy myself any clothes.

I have to eat this nasty, tasteless salad because I’m trying to lose weight.

and all of these women are miserable!

But guess what? If it’s not one thing, it’s the other.

Happiness doesn’t come from a perfect exterior, happiness isn’t based on a number or a scale or a pant size.

Happiness comes from within. You create happiness, you can choose happiness.

Why wait for some superficial goal to be completed to love yourself, your body, your appearance?

Love yourself now. You are beautiful now. You are living and experiencing life now!

You might not like  your body at this moment but love it in this moment because it is YOURS!

It is YOU and you’re BEAUTIFUL!

Don’t let the media, society or peoples shallow opinions stop you from liking, loving and enjoying yourself.

Don’t wait to lose weight before you go out..go out now!

Don’t hide off, letting people make you feel ashamed of your appearance.

Most of those people are only commenting on you, because they have insecurities about themselves that they are trying to project onto you.

Learn to love and appreciate yourself, or you are not going to, no matter what size or weight you are.

Brush it off!

Love yourself, there’s only one you in this world and you are irreplaceable.


What are your thoughts on self esteem and the pressure women face?