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I see a lot of people making blogs, open letters, etc, about the J. Cole /Drake song, in which J Cole says “I’m artistic, you n**** is autistic, retarded ” and yes, at first I was offended, being the mother of an Autistic child, but then, as special needs parents..shouldn’t we ourselves be a little more sensitive?

There are other parents with children, that have mental development disabilities and wouldn’t you suppose, they can hurt the same way that we do, that they don’t feel just as cast off by society and hurt by people’s comments, judgment and having to set into a difficult reality that is far different than you imagined when pregnant or holding that tiny baby in your arms, with all the dreams of your childs future?

Okay, yes, the lyrics are offensive, but so are a lot of other lyrics but I’m not going to get up into arms and go storming around saying how “Autism is different and it’s not retardation” because it’s just doesn’t feel right. All parents of special needs and children face many obstacles, hardships, tears, joy and face the same stigma.

Be offended for the special needs community, not just for the comparison, if you’re going to be offended at all.

Just a thought.