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13 years of long nights, early mornings, few naps and caffeine consumption
13 years of fighting, of guess work, trial and error and over coming
13 years of dirty looks from strangers, being forever on guard and determination
13 years of meltdowns, daily struggles, of fear of the future and surviving today
13 years of appointments, paperwork, driving endlessly, emails and calls
13 years of messes, of disappointment, of feeling like a failure but pressing on
13 years of panic when you got sick, when just out of sight or things got quiet
13 years of explaining autism, seeking understanding, coming up empty handed

13 years of that beautiful smile, those dark twinkling eyes and that giggle
13 years of progress, constant learning and constantly surprising me
13 years of making me proud, over coming obstacles and constant happiness
13 years of shared moments, shared laughter and shared adventures
13 years of watching you grow, your personality develop and your sense of humour
13 years of hugs, cuddles, kisses and walks holding my hand
13 years of showing me how wonderful you are and teaching me what really matters in this life
13 years of total innocence, your heart of gold which holds no hatred, anger or strife
13 years of being taught what real unconditional love is
13 years of being proud to be your Mommy

I can’t wait to see what another 13 years will bring, and the many years after that ❤