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I know what you are.

I’ve seen the face beneath the masks, beneath the pseudo front, beneath the words you’ve said.

You became so obvious to me. Your tactics so predictable.

I eventually became immune to your venom.

I had to break first. I had to lose myself. My faith had to be shook.

To shake the false reality I had been living in.

A prison, where I was kept captive in an emotional cage.

Conditioned by my need to fix and your forever proclamation of brokenness…

that broke me.

You broke me.

Drowned me in your lies and deception. Your dictation. Your abuse.

Up and down

down and up


I had to wake up out of the trance and see things for what they really were.

That was a sick world.

You live in a sick world, surrounded by sick people.

I never belonged there.

I now know what you are.

You have no power over me.