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Maybe I don’t want you to like me.

I know that hasn’t even crossed your mind, I mean, why would it?

Most people have yearning to be accepted, a need to fit in, or to be popular and sought after.

I no longer want these things. I no longer feel the need to be validated.

It’s too much pressure

You become type cast, they want you to play a role and they will seek to destroy you if you dare be anything, say anything or do anything other than what they now expect you to be.

I don’t want to be a slave to stagnation. Not allowed to seek and build, explore and think for myself. Locked inside your perception of who I am, what I am that I lose myself, like I lost before.

I need to be me. It’s who I was made to be.

Comparison is a death sentence. Social circles are prisons. Stereo typical groupings take away what’s left of your freedoms.

I’d rather lose all those that get upset if I shake the tree then be bound by the ankle to the trunk of a fruitless one.

Not everyone is for me and I am not for everyone.

I am still me, regardless of irreverent opinion.